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July Newsletter

If you’re moving soon or getting a new mortgage, banks don’t want you to think about prepayment penalties. Give me a call, and I’ll explain what’s your current penalty and what’s the new penalty you’re getting yourself into.
– Herjit

My New Blog Post:
Understanding Prepayment Penalties


When buying and refinancing, it’s easy to overlook prepayment penalties during the information overload of a home purchase.

A Celebration of Light to Lighten Up Your Weekend


This is a can’t-miss event for the whole family! The Celebration of Light is one of my favorite annual events in the city, and it’s happening on July 29th, August 2nd, and August 5th.

Bank of Canada Turns the Tide


“For the first time in seven years, the Bank of Canada announced today that it was hiking its key overnight rate by a quarter percentage point, bringing it to 0.75 percent as the economy has staged a broadly based economic expansion this year.”

– Dr. Sherry Cooper

July Newsletter