Types of Mortgages


First-Time Home Purchases

If you are new to the entire process of buying a home, you don’t need to worry. I’ll explain the roles of mortgage brokers, lenders, realtors, and lawyers, and where your responsibilities fit into the picture.

I’ve handled countless first-time home purchases, so I know how to keep the process streamlined for you while communicating every step. Call me to learn more about what you need to know.

Repeat Home Purchases

Looking for a vacation house, rental property, or a new home? With my consultation, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal this time.

Before you even list your home, get in touch with me to explore your options. I can help you adapt to the current market and update your financial goals.



If you have a mortgage and need a better rate, money for renovations or a down payment, or debt consolidation, remortgaging might make sense for you.

I know the right way to manage your assets so you can put your money where you need it, whether that’s in investments or your bank account.


I’ll do more than just provide you with the right mortgage for your design. I can help you budget your building costs and connect you with the resources you need throughout construction.

I have the experience to help you with your residential construction project.